Kazuya keeps a very rough, «tough-love» experience of their granny

He is unable to fulfill the girl expectations and you will strives to generally meet you to definitely away from this lady main wishes: to own their own partner. Scared of an intense response, Kazuya might have been sleeping to Nagomi throughout the relationship Chizuru, and frequently provides the girl with each other when going to in order to appease his grandma.

Chizuru Ichinose

Kazuya basic rented Chizuru out-of depression out of shedding 1st real partner, Mami. The guy 1st watched Chizuru as the finest partner; one free from any problems and you will very beautiful. Shortly after understanding the reviews from their other customers, he was enraged by just how that which you she does is all just a work on her own benefit, where, he exuded a tantrum publicly throughout their next meeting.

Whether or not holding animosity on each other and trying to lay an avoid towards «relationship» as fast as possible, it matchmaking» in the interest of their unique grandmothers’ fitness, just like the they both was basically admitted, and you may stuck onto its matchmaking.

To the trip to coastline, when Chizuru dropped regarding the ferry, Kazuya jumped for the h2o in the place of thought double to keep this lady. Later, she stored him into the shore as he became involuntary when you’re drowninging back regarding the journey, just in case Kazuya wished to contemplate Mami, it had been Chizuru you to came into their head day long, resulting in him to locate which he has fallen for her.

Both consistently «date», slow becoming smaller irritated from the both and much more happy to work. Kazuya’s perseverance to learn more and develop closer to Chizuru prospects to a lot of situations where he looks like helping Chizuru in the the lady lower circumstances; causing a rift within her psyche. Whether it is due to easy form terminology or due to real methods, Kazuya slow helps Chizuru start to realize her very own self worth, and provides their full support for her acting job.

Chizuru slowly actually starts to chill out to Kazuya, comfortably hanging out with your outside the leasing times and you will even typing his flat once or twice. The 2 make a habit from revealing issues and subject areas with both off across the its patios.

When Chizuru discovers that the woman grandmother try perishing, she conveys you to she got desired to perform inside a motion picture to exhibit in order to the girl granny. Kazuya now offers his complete help helping kickstart a little, motion picture project with Chizuru. The reglas de citas luteranas 2 grow nearer regarding the production of the movie, having Chizuru actually admitting that she’s got never regretted fulfilling Kazuya shortly after.

Although it is obvious your a couple of such as for example both, Kazuya’s lower thinking-regard and Chizuru’s emotional stubbornness has actually avoided them out of taking one tips towards the a real matchmaking.

Mami Nanami

Kazuya very first got higher expectations when starting a love that have Mami, encouraging to always create this lady delighted as well as discussing the option of ily afterwards, anything Mami wholeheartedly decided with. But not, Mami quickly left Kazuya, saying one to she «enjoys others». New sudden end of one’s matchmaking caused Kazuya in order to spiral into the a depression, sobbing inside the apartment and you will unmotivated doing anything. Out of frustration, he wound up buying rental-wife features, leading to your to get to know Chizuru.

Even if «dating» Chizuru, Kazuya’s attitude on Mami lingered, and make things alternatively uncertain when it comes to exactly how he will be operate doing the woman. During a beach travels having household members, Mami produces numerous attempts to flirt with Kazuya. Whether these effort was legitimate or an effective way to spite your is actually controversial. Unbeknownst to Kazuya, Mami has secretly stated the lady intention to help you ruin their experience of Chizuru despite its lack of legitimacy, because they’re simply pretending due to their family’s sake. Following beach excursion, Kazuya understands that he has fell in love with Chizuru, and accepts the fact the latest Mami probably no more have any thoughts to possess him.

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